Friday, April 16, 2010

Fix-It-Friday #50

It's that time again! I've decided to give Fix-It-Friday another go. If you want to participate, or see the other great fixes, go to the I Heart Faces website.

Here is the original:

And here it is after my fix (using PSE8):

Ok, let me just say this girl is gorgeous!
First thing I did was brighten the whole image using the brightness/contrast button.
Then I used the lasso tool to select the eyes, and selected unsharp mask. Then I brigtened them and bumped up the contrast a bit, again using the brightness/contrast option.
Next I smoothed out her skin using the spot healing brush tool (love this tool!)
Next I used Pioneer Woman's "Colorized" action (I turned down the opacity to 75%)
And finally, I reduced the noise in the photo using Windows Live Photo Gallery (PSE probably has a noise reduction option, but I have no idea where it is)
I think that's it! I played around with this one a lot, so it's quite possible I forgot something or I have my steps in the wrong order. Next week I plan to write it down :)


  1. This is really nice - I'm not sure PSE has a great noise reducer (there is one, but it's just okay). You've done a nice job with it.

  2. Nice! I like the soft look to it!! I'd love to learn how you got actions saved to your PSE8 I have a MAC and its not working for me!

  3. Thank you both!
    Shannon, I had to watch a video at the Texas Chicks site. I don't have a MAC, but I believe they give instructions for that as well:
    I wish I could be more help!

  4. YOu take amazing pictures!!! Just wondering do you every take family pictures for people other than your family???


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