Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Funny Valentine

This week we've been gearing up for Valentine's Day. We've been cooped up inside with colds (first Madelyn, now me. Awesome) so I figured it was a great time to do some Valentine crafts.

First up, heart garlands!
These were so easy. I just cut hearts out of paper, let Madelyn paint them, and then glued them together with a piece of string in the middle.
Madelyn has been watching a lot of Little Bear lately. There is a episode where Little Bear makes a kite, complete with kite tail. So when we started this project she immediately thought that's what we were making. By the time the we had just a few hearts on she wanted to "fly" them. So keep in mind some of these hearts have been around the living room a few times :)

Next we made Valentine sugar cookies. YUM.
I asked Madelyn to roll the dough into a ball, but she said she wanted to make a hot dog instead

And a cute Madelyn "Cheese!" picture for good measure.
(side note, how cute is her headband?! Two for $5 at baby gap. I'm thinking she's going to look adorable in her headband, some big sunglasses, and swim suit this summer. Yes, I am already planning summer outfits. It's freezing outside and we haven't left the house in a week. Don't judge.)

ANYWAY, here is miss Madelyn in her headband
Back to cookies. Despite the fact that some were shaped like hot dogs at first, they all spread out and turned into perfect cookies.

Time to decorate!

All in all, we had fun. Colds and all.

More to come.... :)

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