Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Stampin' Up! Project

Every month our Stampin' Up! group meets to make cards, eat good food, and chat. Tons of fun, and it's helped me discover that I'm kinda crafty after all!

Each month we are challenged to make a project at home, and then bring it to show the group. We vote on our favorites. This month our challenge was to create a container.
I decided to make a candle box with matching candle.
I found the idea and tutorial for the box here
And here is my version:

I wanted to keep my box simple and modern, so I used black and white cardstock. I stamped both the box the box and candle with Stampin' Up's Medallion stamp using their basic black ink.
(Sidenote, I just bought this stamp and I am in LOVE. I'm already thinking of lots of project ideas to use with this stamp. It's so pretty)

Some tips I learned while doing this project:

*Stamp after you have scored the paper, but before you fold, so you know exactly where the folds will be.
*I dipped a plain gold brad in glue, then black gitter for the piece in the center of the box. Make sure you remember to punch your hole and add the brad before folding the box.
*For my final candle I did not use wax paper like the instructions say. The time I tried that it was a slight disaster. Some of the wax paper didn't melt right, so it was bubbly and rough feeling. I think I probably just did it wrong, because every tutorial on stamping candles I find say to use the wax paper.
Instead, I just stamped a piece of tissue paper, cut it out, layed it on the candle, and heated it slowly with my embossing tool. It turned out much smoother that time.
*Make sure you keep the embossing tool moving, if you let it stay in one spot too long the tissue will yellow.

So that's it! I don't know that it will actually win anything, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out :)

Stayed tuned, I'm sure there will be a lot more projects with this medallion stamp to come!

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